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Wir bieten Workshops im Bereich Partnering, zeitgenössischer Tanz und Zirkus sowie Contact Improvisation an.

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CI-Skills, Momentum, Instinct
This intensive offers approaches to find lightness within our contact dance by going deep into individual basic principles. It will develop from first working within our own movement research and then expanding the exploration to interact with other bodies.
Together we want to investigate the birth of momentum from stillness. Sharpening our understanding of directions within the body and of the body´s extension into space helps us to keep an easiness within our body while surfing on another. Anticipation of landing and take-off while maintaining an inner connection to the floor, provides the necessary openness to surrender to the situations before or after a flying moment. We will work individually on falling, experiencing and observing each other´s centers as they draw pathways in space. Our aim is to trust our instinctive choices, to follow, support or fall at any moment of the dance.
In the last years my work has developed towards an organic approach from the “inside out” with an integration of dynamic, acrobatic movement. Central elements for me are the use of the breath and a constant sharpening of our awareness. An ongoing question in my practice is how we can dance with maximum presence and individuality and respect and challenge the boundaries of our own body at the same time.

Our movement training will take place outdoors. In an organic way we will warm-up our body from the “inside out”. The use of the breath and a constant sharpening of our awareness are central points of the training. Elements of Contact Improvisation and Parkour will help us to get more familiar with the outside surrounding and the other participants.
In a playful and improvised way we will approach different places to create images and relate our movement to the natural location. Little performances within our own group complete the research and open new perspectives on site specific work. Each day our movement training will have a special focus.
PLEASE BRING: Durable exercise clothing that can get dirty, well-sprung sneakers.